Comfort & functionality in the BMW X4.

An extremely generous interior: The exterior of the BMW X4 impresses with the elegant roof line of a coupé. On the inside, it provides unbeatable functionality and comfort. The standard-feature 40:20:40 split-folding rear seat bench enables the interior space to be expanded to meet all your transportation requirements.

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Comfort Access


Innovative and easy to operate – the Comfort Access system makes it possible to open the vehicle doors and start the engine without having to use the car key. The key, which may be in a trouser pocket or briefcase, is automatically recognised upon approaching the car. Once the door has been automatically unlocked, the driver can get in and start the engine by pressing the Start/Stop button.
The Comfort Access system also includes the Smart Opener function. An integrated sensor detects a short, directed wave of the foot below the rear bumper and the tailgate opens and closes automatically without being touched.
The Comfort Access system relies on key authentication to ensure security.


Despite the coupé line, the inside of the BMW X4 is exceptionally roomy and functional. Not only the top-quality interior materials, but also the practical storage possibilities and the ample space for all passengers guarantee a high feel-good factor. Functionality is reflected in the figures: five seats, a standard-feature 40:20:40 split-folding rear seat bench and a luggage compartment that can be expanded from 500 litres to a maximum of 1,400 litres. The luggage compartment cover as well as the optional storage package with its luggage nets, lashing rails and anti-slip reversible luggage compartment floor further enhance the comfort and day-to-day practicality of a vehicle that is anything but everyday.


The Auxiliary heating with timer function enables the passenger compartment to be individually heated in cold temperatures while the engine is turned off. It also prevents windows from freezing and fogging.
The Auxiliary heating can be adjusted or turned on with the separate remote control, the BMW Connected App or the iDrive Controller. A water heating device acts as the heating source. It is supplied with energy by the fuel system. The cold engine is also preheated by the device. This further reduces fuel consumption during the warm-up phase. The Auxiliary heating can be activated automatically at a pre-selected time when there is an outside temperature of below 15°C or manually turned on at any temperature. At warmer temperatures, ventilation ensures a comfortably cool interior.

Contactless opening of the tailgate


When someone wants to open the luggage compartment after a shopping spree, they usually have to awkwardly search for the key in their bags while standing in front of the car with their arms full. This becomes unnecessary with the innovative Comfort Access system, which – in conjunction with the automatic tailgate operation – enables contactless opening of the tailgate. A quick, directed wave of the foot under the rear bumper allows the tailgate to be opened via sensor.
It then unlocks and swings open on its own. Sensors installed at different heights in the rear bumper detect the wave of the foot and open the luggage compartment. This innovative feature from BMW ConnectedDrive makes opening and loading the luggage compartment more convenient. Access is only granted when the system also detects the presence of an authorised car key.